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The all-in-one solution that integrates with your existing tools

Graviti gives you member record management with a seamless integration experience with a plethora of other systems your member data may reside. Track changes, stay connected with reliable high-delivery email, SMS and WhatsApp campaigns, link documents to member profile, generate invoices and process payments online

all within one system. That's what we call real value from a system. By streamlining your administrative and operational processes, Graviti helps you minimize the costs associated with inefficient processes and improve your bottom line.

Boost member engagement and increase membership value

Graviti association management system helps members appreciate being a member of your association by giving you tools and features that makes it possible for you to create content that inform and enrich members' professional life. Keep them engaged with campaigns, access analytics report...

built-in member engagement platform
Graviti is user-friendly

User friendly

Graviti AMS is designed with an intuitive user experience in mind. It is designed with a modern, streamlined interface and offers features such as drag and drop, drag and select, and customization controls.

Lift your member experience to new heights.

With Graviti association management system, you can provide and improve your members streamlined and user-friendly experiences in a variety of ways.

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the only association management system you need

Graviti provides in-built member networking, member forums, webinar publications and podcast access. Share and distribute content with other members

Document Management

Store and manage digital documents in a securely in the cloud within Graviti. Use Graviti as a central repository of your documents, share access with members and assign access rights by chapter, subscription/group, tags or all members of your association.

Billing Integration

Bulk billing by group, tags, chapter, membership expiry date. Issue receipts and credit notes and set up automated recurring billing. Manage financial transactions, track payments, and generate reports. Let Graviti AMS save time for your members by providing a simplified experience by automating the payment processes and keeping them informed about their transaction history

Member Management

Keep track of your members' information, communicate effectively with them, and streamline your operations. Graviti AMS can help your association to effectively manage your members, events, finances, and other key aspects of your operations.

Email Marketing Automation

Using our automated email system, you can send out newsletters, product alert emails, and other communications without manual effort. You also target members who belong to certain interest groups, respond to inquiries, and send out data-driven, customized emails. Email marketing automation is a powerful tool that helps you streamline your email marketing efforts, increase efficiency, and deliver personalized content to your members.


Bridge the gap between Graviti AMS and other software systems, applications or services used you use. Allow for seamless data sharing and automated work-flows. Integrate Graviti AMS with other applications such as accounting software Xero, customer management platforms Salesforce, payment application Stripe, social media channels like WhatsApp.

Chapter Management

Effectively manage local chapters or branches withing your organization. Provide a centralized platform for your members to oversee and track member engagement and coordinate activities across multiple locations. Manage small branches or large networks within your organization.

Member Centre

Manage what your members have visibility to, including important dates, articles, polls, announcements, and create custom content pieces we call components. Let members update their profiles, connect with other members and settle outstanding membership bills. Define custom access rules to association resources, stay connected with your members, and promote membership growth.

Contact Management

Manage and maintain your SMS and emailing list. Graviti includes integrated email validation and mobile number lookup functionality that can reduce your bounce rate by over 90% when sending campaigns. Having a clean list reduces cost and improves your message delivery

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) within Graviti refers to the implementation of advanced algorithms, machine learning techniques, and natural language processing to enhance various aspects of the system's functionality and improve your organizational efficiency. AI-powered predictive analytics can help your organization identify trends and patterns in member behavior, engagement, and satisfaction. Create targeted strategies for membership growth, retention, and engagement.

Digital Membership Card

Create and issue digital membership cards, event entry passes and even gift cards from your Graviti AMS. Digital membership cards serve as a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to tangible cards, allowing your members to access and share their membership details digitally using their mobile devices, tablets, or smart watches.

Member Directory

A membership directory within Graviti helps connect with interested parties that may require their service and connect with fellow members. Use Graviti to allow your administrator to define the information that the public has access to, use a custom domain for your members to access their information. Set custom parameters for your members and the public to have access to member details and the details of other members.


Use Graviti Forms to build custom forms for any data collection requirements. Create membership registration forms, surveys, polls, application forms, events registration and anything else you can think of. Set up triggers to respond to data collection events and create custom work-flow

Graviti will automate your admin.

Increase efficiency and streamline the work of managing your association by automating your administration.

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