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Homeowners Associations and Body Corporates

A Homeowners Association (HOA) can leverage using Gravit AMS to efficiently manage operations, improve communication with members, and enhance resident satisfaction.

Since the core function of a HOA or Body Corporate is to manage common or shared property, provide services to residents while protecting the value of the property by developing a sense of community through social activities and amenities, using Graviti AMS can assist your HOA enforce community rules and regulations by issuing regular newsletters via the email automation function.

As most HOA’s /Body Corporate are run on a voluntary basis, you would benefit from Graviti AMS integration which manages communication, events and more. Here are some ways an HOA / Body Corporate can utilize Graviti AMS:

  • Document Management – As the president or chairperson of your HOA/ Body Corporate, you are required to keep confidential information of your members safe and secure. Graviti AMS offers document management which has the functionality of who can access certain documents and what they do with them. Graviti AMS can store and organize important documents like bylaws, Covernant, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), meeting minutes, and financial statements, making them easily accessible to specific homeowners.
  • Membership Management: when using Graviti AMS your HOA can simplify the process of managing homeowner accounts, including creating new accounts, updating contact information, and handling entitlement or fee payments. Graviti AMS can facilitate communication among residents through email, newsletters, discussion forums, and announcement boards. This helps to keep residents informed about community events, issues, and decisions.
  • Billing Integration: Graviti AMS can assist in managing the HOA's finances, including tracking income payments including levies or assessments, processing payments, and generating financial reports. Since Graviti AMS can be integrated with an accounting system you are already using, this can help you streamline statements, provide invoices to homeowners, and provide them with receipts.
  • Member Centre: An event manager like the one found in Graviti AMS can help plan, promote, and organize community events, such as social gatherings, board meetings, and other activities. Keep the facility reservation updated by managing the reservation and usage of shared amenities like pools, clubhouses, and parks, ensuring equitable access for all residents within your HOA.

Graviti AMS can provide valuable insights into financial performance, membership trends, and community usage, informing information backed decision-making. By utilizing Graviti AMS, a HOA can improve operational efficiency, increase resident satisfaction, and effectively manage their communities

By joining Graviti AMS, your HOA can automate the membership process and assist to communicate effectively with its members with the use of a reoccurring newsletter to provide residents with updates on what is happening or plans to change something within your established community. Additionally, Graviti AMS allows for automated payment options which can assist an HOA / Body Corporate with your payment records, and these could include levies, or any ongoing payment that needs to be made by residents.

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