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Within every professional association, its members are the integral part and can benefit from automating and streamlining some of the tasks that need to be accomplished. Graviti AMS (Association Management System) is an innovative platform designed to streamline your operations for a professional association.

This comprehensive system offers numerous benefits that can enhance overall efficiency, improve member engagement, and promote organizational growth. Graviti AMS simplifies day-to-day administrative tasks for association professionals through its user-friendly interface. As a leader in a professional association, be it an international or local one, Graviti AMS has got you and your members covered with everything you need

  • Member Management – consolidate your members' personal information from when they joined the organization, and even update their previous employment while including their personal contact information like email, mobile, physical, and residential address. As the administrator you can simplify the process of managing member accounts, including creating new accounts, processing renewals, handling cancellations, and maintaining accurate contact information
  • Contact Management – you can send information to members using this module. By streamlining communication via WhatsApp, sending emails, or even generating bulk SMS’s, you keep the lines of communication open. With Graviti AMS you can facilitate communication amongst your members through discussion forums, private messaging, and online communities
  • Email Marketing automation – send out articles, share association announcements and conduct surveys with your members. You can automate member polls where they provide you with invaluable feedback, so you know what your organization is doing good and where changes need to be implemented. Co-ordinate sponsorship and advertising opportunities for vendors interested in reaching your association's membership base.
  • Billing Integration – If you are using Xero, QuickBooks or even Salesforce as your accounting software, we can integrate it with other modules like billing to facilitate transactions with ease. With Graviti AMS you can have your member account information visible and be able to see your outstanding payments. The billing module also can assist your members to have visibility of their statements and have them printed if they require.
  • Document Management – With every professional association, certain documents need to be managed, safely stored, and even shared. By using this module, you can help your association share important documents or even archive ones that are no longer in use.
  • Member Directory – using Graviti AMS can assist your association in promoting and organizing conferences and workshops for individuals that share similar interests, advertise webinars, and networking events. Additionally, it can assist in managing certification programs, track continuing education credits, and offer online courses or webinars for your members professional development.

You decide which module is required by your professional association and we can easily install it. You can become a master amongst your colleagues. Also, our cost plans are just as flexible, as you can decide what you need, and we make it work for you – it’s that simple.

Utilize all or some of the current modules offered by Graviti AMS and see the benefits within your professional association. If you are anxious about how Graviti AMS will work within your professional association, we can provide you with ongoing support so, you can sign up for a free 30 day a trial to take Graviti AMS for a test-drive and see how it can help you do more and integrate with your current systems.

Otherwise, book a demonstration with our experts and see how easy and functional Graviti AMS is. You won’t regret making that call.

Graviti Membership Management System - Professional Associations