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Working in community centric environments means that you need to cater for the masses and ensure that they are getting the optimal benefits from your solutions.

The way that Graviti AMS works to maintain an effective and efficient way to work for any business makes it an invaluable tool while saving time and money for the organization.

We can make arranging community events, whether it’s for your school, religious organization, club, or non-profit organization, so much easier. The use of email marketing automation will assist you to always make sure that the necessary communication reaches the right people at the right time.

Along with the Chapter management tool we can delegate information to be gated for a specific group of individuals whether they are in the same vicinity or due to the similar interests they have, they will be able to get the dedicated newsfeed. This fantastic module within Graviti AMS allows you to segment information to designated candidates.

The information provided to them can pertain to organizational communication, their financial information and even particular events happening in their area of location. You can send out different information to your members based on their geographical location, interests expressed or their demographic.

Request a demo and see the benefits of how Graviti AMS can add value to your events management.

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