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Your gym can utilize Graviti AMS in several ways to better serve its members and streamline internal processes. Here are some key applications that Graviti AMS can assist in automating tasks such as membership registration, payment processing and renewal reminders, saving time and reducing administrative burdens of your staff.

Additionally, staff members can easily track member attendance, and billing information, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding marketing strategies and class schedules.

  • Digital cards – Are you worried about issuing countless tags or entry cards to your members joining your gym? We can take away that stress and implement digital cards to your members which they will always have access to since they can be loaded on their phones.
  • Membership Management: using Graviti AMS can streamline the process of managing memberships, including creating new accounts for your members and handling cancellations of old memberships once they have expired. With Graviti AMS you can be assisted to track which members require renewals of their membership.
  • Billing Integration: with Graviti AMS you can manage payment processing for membership fees, personal training sessions, and other services provided by your gym. You will be able to track which members have made payments and which have defaulted. With members that have not paid their membership fees Graviti AMS can generate reminders to make urgent payment before a cut-off date.
  • Forms: using Graviti AMS can help your staff create and manage class schedules, including registering participants and sending reminders. How about managing bookings for equipment, courts, or studios within your gym, ensuring that resources are optimally utilized – all of this can be implemented by simply creating different forms within Graviti AMS and making them available to your members.
  • Reporting and Analytics: When you choose to implement Graviti AMS within your gym we can provide you with valuable insights into membership trends, financial performance, and facility usage, helping you as the gym owner to make data-driven decisions.

Whether you are an independent gym owner are within a franchise, any type of fitness facility can benefit from using Graviti AMS. Graviti AMS can be the additional assistant you need to make your gym function in a more effortless manner so you and your staff can concentrate on your members.

Make the jump to Graviti AMS and you won’t regret it.

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