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- Billing Integration -

In-built billing module and billing integration with Graviti

Graviti Membership Management System - Billing Integration

Initiate bulk invoicing, provide receipts and update recurring billing for renewal purposes. Graviti AMS allows organizations to manage financial transactions, track payments, and generate reports in a centralized and efficient manner. Let Graviti AMS save time for your members by providing a simplified experience by automating the payment processes and keeping them informed about their transaction history

  • Integration setup: Graviti offers a powerful API to enhance systems. Whether you are using Xero and QuickBooks, we can establish a connection between the chosen billing or payment processing solutions. Setting up API connections, sharing data securely, and configuring authentication methods for members.
  • User authentication: Members can authenticate payments using their existing credentials to access the billing or payment portal. This ensures a seamless user experience and helps maintain security.
  • Payment processing: keep track of members recurring payments of their membership fees, register for events or automatically collect payments. Graviti‚Äôs billing solution handles the payment processing, including processing credit cards, direct debits, or other payment methods.
  • Transaction tracking: Track member transaction records and keep payment history. Graviti helps your association stay organized and ensures that members have access to accurate information about their payment history.
  • Reporting and analytics: With the integration in place, generate reports on financial transactions, revenue from events or membership fees and other relevant data. This will assist your organization make informed decisions about pricing, event planning, and membership management strategies.
  • Customization and automation: Graviti can assist with customization options and automatic payment reminders or recurring billing cycles. These features can be tailored to the association's specific needs and help streamline billing-related tasks, saving you time.
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