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The ultimate association management system is designed to elevate your alumni membership experience.

With its cutting-edge features and seamless integration, Graviti AMS effortlessly streamlines communication using member management solutions so that important dates are shared amongst your members, assists to coordinate events, and ensures that your alumni community thrives and grows.

  • Chapter management – module can segment your alumni members and send relevant organization communication that is specific to them. Whether you isolate a specific demographic within your alumni or segment a region which would benefit from the distinct types of communication and send relevant information. You can determine who gets news that would be most relevant to them. Send out information that would be appreciated by your LGBTQI community within your alumni or even members or are of a certain age. All in all, Graviti AMS allows you to manage who and when you engage with.
  • Member Directory tool is there to assist make new connections and see which graduates you have similar interests for networking opportunities. Graviti AMS can create a searchable directory for all the alumni, allowing them to reconnect with old classmates, find professional contacts, or identify potential mentors. This helps to build an interactive association where members can interact with like-minded individuals. Use Graviti AMS to market your skills and open the potential to grow with the association. Employ this module to provide opportunities for your alumni members to connect with each other, share professional experiences, and expand their networks. Use this Directory to share news updates, success stories from your institution and members while also highlighting your alumni's achievements.
  • Member Management module can organize gatherings such as reunions, workshops, seminars, and conferences to facilitate interaction amongst your alumni members. Graviti AMS can enhance the communication of your members by facilitating communication among alumni through email newsletters, discussion forums, and announcement boards. This helps to keep your alumni informed about university news, events, and opportunities. Graviti AMS can assist in planning, promoting, and organizing alumni events like reunions, networking gatherings, and campus visits. With Graviti AMS, let it provide a career service by offering career resources for your alumni such as job postings, mentorship programs and industry-specific opportunities.

Graviti AMS can help disseminate university news, research, and publications to your alumni, keeping them informed and engaged. Allow Graviti AMS to facilitate student mentoring relationships between your alumni members and current students, thereby providing valuable guidance and support. When it comes to reporting and analytics, Graviti AMS can provide insights into alumni engagement, financial performance, and event attendance, imparting data-driven decision-making for your alumni.

This Association Management System is like a superhero sidekick—always there when you need it! From keeping track of contact information and activity records to sending out newsletters and event invites...Graviti handles it all with style. Say goodbye to outdated systems and embrace the future of alumni management with Graviti AMS – the trusted choice for forward-thinking associations.

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