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Graviti Membership Management System - Membership Card

Membership cards enable your members to upload their personal information in a digitized format. They offer a range of benefits, including data-driven personalization, streamlined access, and the creation of a community or social connection. Digital membership cards serve as a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to tangible cards, allowing your members to access and share their membership details digitally using their mobile devices, tablets, or smart watches.

  • Easy Access: Members can easily access their Digital Membership Card from any device with an internet connection. Members no longer must carry a physical card or remember membership numbers whenever they need to verify their membership status to access exclusive benefits.
  • Quick Sharing: Members can quickly and securely share their Digital Membership Card with third parties, such as event organizers, vendors, or sponsors and eliminates the need for manual entry of membership details, streamlining the verification process.
  • Customizable Design: Your organizations can customize the design of the Digital Membership Cards to align with your brand identity and communication standards. Maintain consistency across all membership materials and reinforces your organization's professional image. You can customize which information is viewed by your members on their digital cards with preselected and optional fields.
  • Real-time Updates: As soon as any changes are made to a member's account within Graviti AMS, such as address updates or renewal dates, their Digital Membership Card will automatically reflect those same changes. Therefore, your members always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.
  • Security Features: The security feature measures to protect your member’s data and prevent fraud. You can opt to include encrypted links, two-factor authentication, or other safety features for your members.
  • Integration with Mobile Applications: Mobile applications allow your members to access and share their Digital Membership Card directly from their smartphones or tablets. This further enhances the convenience and flexibility for your members.
  • Cost Efficiency: By using Digital Membership Cards instead of physical ones, your organization can save on printing, mailing, and reissuing of lost cards.
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