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Non-Profit Associations

Running a nonprofit organization can yield a lot of challenges like establishing a clear and concise application process for new members, as well as guidelines for membership renewals.

This may include payment processing, and follow-up communications amongst your members. You can choose to utilize the below modules or more for your non-profit:

  • Billing Integration - Since your non-profit has a governing board composed of trustees, directors, or officers who oversee the organization's operations, finances, and strategic direction, you can use this functionality to manage the funds received from donors, provide your members with statements of transactions rewarded to the organization. If your non-profit organization engages in fundraising activities, you can use the billing module of Graviti to facilitate financial functions which can impact the organization's work. Organize fundraising and donations drives using Graviti AMS where it can streamline fundraising efforts by tracking donations, managing campaigns, and acknowledging contributions from the public and volunteers alike.
  • Member Centre functionality provided by Graviti AMS can assist in taking care of all member functions without any difficulties. This would include onboarding new members while keeping track of your organization’s current members. Engage with old members to update them on upcoming events which they still can be a part of and communicate with new members on the same events to show the organization's reach into the community. .
  • Document Management can assist in storing important documents, providing security access to certain individuals, and sharing important documents needed by your non-profit.
  • Forms module within Graviti AMS can be used to collect data to manage your volunteers by coordinating and supporting those who contribute their time and skills to the organization, ensuring that they have a meaningful and rewarding experience.
  • Chapter Management within Graviti AMS can be used by your non-profit to isolate certain areas within your community that require additional assistance and communicate this information with the members so they can organize themselves to provide exactly what is required by a specific area.

Manage the volunteering opportunities when you can connect with both local and international communities for your non-profit. Each organization has feedback and surveys processes which regularly collect feedback from its members through surveys or focus groups to improve member satisfaction and identify areas for growth.

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