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A membership directory within Graviti typically includes several key features to help organize and manage member information effectively. Be granted viewing of fellow members contact details along with their achievements and interests. Use Graviti to allow your administrator to define the information fields that the public has access to. With Graviti you can build a custom domain for your members to access their information. Structure custom parameters for your members and the public to have access to their information and the information of other members.

Here are some of the primary features you can expect:
  • Member Profiles: Create and store detailed profiles for each member, including contact information, preferences, and demographic details. You control the information displayed to the public and members.
  • Search and Filtering: Easy search and filtering options allow you to find specific members based on various criteria, such as name, location, interests, active or inactive.
  • Group Management: Organize your members into groups or categories based on common interests, geographical locations, or other defining factors. This feature helps in targeted communication and event planning.
  • Membership Levels and Access Control: Define different membership levels or categories, each with their own access privileges and restrictions. This allows you to control which members can access certain resources or participate in specific events.
  • Event Management: Easily create, promote, and manage events for your members, including registration forms, ticketing, and reminders.
  • Communication Tools: Simplify communication between your members and your association with tools like email marketing, newsletters, discussion forums, and private messaging. Generate reports on member engagement, event attendance, and other key performance indicators to help inform your strategic decisions.
  • Customization: Flexible customization options allow you to tailor the membership directory to fit your association's unique needs and branding.
  • Security and Privacy: Ensure that member data is protected with robust security features, such as encrypted storage and multi-factor authentication. Additionally, follow privacy guidelines to keep member information confidential or allow your members the option to not display their information to the public. These features will help streamline your association's membership management process and provide a better experience for both members and administrators.
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