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Manage association and member documents

Graviti Membership Management System - Document Management

Organize, store and manage digital documents in a secure and efficient manner. Graviti AMS can centralize the repository of your documents to ensure that the relevant members within your organization have access to the most up-to-date version when they require them. Specific features included in document management may vary depending on the association.

  • Time-saver: streamline the document approval process and ensure that the necessary documents are approved by the appropriate stakeholders before distributing them to the wider organization. By doing so you can maintain data integrity and keep compliance with internal regulations. Time is saved when the risk of working with outdated information is eliminated.
  • Robust search capability: locate specific documents easily and quickly even within a large database. Opt for an advanced search feature such as full-text search, keyword search, or faceted search which enables members to find the exact documents they require without wasting valuable time.
  • Security mechanism: Protect sensitive information, such as user authentication, access control lists, and encryption documents safeguarding essential information through advanced security measures. This guarantees that confidential documents remain secure and prevents unauthorized users from accessing or amending critical data.
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