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Chapter Management using Graviti

Graviti Membership Management System - Chapter Management

Effectively manage local chapters or branches withing your organization. Provide a centralized platform for your members to oversee and track member engagement and coordinate activities across multiple locations. Manage small branches or large networks within your organization.

Graviti AMS enables administrators to create, update, and delete chapters within your organization. Each chapter can have its own unique identity, leadership team, and set of members or even be in a specific location. When a new member joins your organization, they can be automatically assigned to the appropriate chapter based on geographic location, interest, or other criteria defined by your organization.

  • Tracking your members: Track member engagement at the chapter level, including event attendance, volunteer activities, donations, and more. Appoint chapter leaders to communicate with their designated region while keeping the main tunefulness throughout your organization and identify key contributors to recognize their efforts. Include communication features such as group messaging, newsletters, and personalized messages. Making it easier for chapter leaders and members to stay connected and collaborate on projects and events.
  • Event Coordination: Plan, promote, and manage events directly within Graviti AMS for your chapter and engage with chapter leaders to organize local events to ensure that their members participate.
  • Financial capabilities: Track and manage funds at both the chapter and organizational levels. Generate reports on income, expenses, and transactions, and while facilitating secure payment processing for member fees, event tickets, and donations.
  • Access Control and Permissions: Have your organization’s administrator designate chapter leaders to set up access control for all the relevant individuals within their specific chapters to ensure that information remains pertinent.
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