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Accept new applications from your website, create membership registration forms, surveys, polls, application forms and events registration forms using Graviti Forms. Start with a template from our list of free scenario-based template gallery or start from scratch with a custom design of your own.

Graviti forms makes it easy for you to collect data from your audience, share it on social media or embed the link in your next email or SMS campaign.

Why use Graviti forms:

  • Ease of use: Simple and intuitive form builder
  • Custom triggers: Choose what happens when a new record is captured on your form. For instance, you can choose to get send an email or SMS to the administrator, automatically approve an application for membership, kick-off an on-line payment processing or trigger a send record to a chosen URL to integration with another system
  • Data collection on your terms Choose the terms of use and policy that works for your users and yourself. We give you the ability to create your own terms, policies and request your users to consent before they can provide you with the data you need. This helps you comply with the applicable laws for data collection

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